I'm a journalist.

I write about craft beer, food and travel for a variety of publications.

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5 Organic Beers You Should Definitely Try | Rodale's Organic Life

5 Organic Beers You Should Definitely Try | Rodale'...

Serious Eats

Why Portland (Yes, the Oregon One) Is the Best Beer City in the USA ...

Why Portland (Yes, the Oregon One) Is the Best Beer...

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A Portland Beer Expert Shares Lessons from Belgium

Studying to become a Certified Cicerone - the beer equivalent of a sommelier - Lucy Burningham takes notes for local brewers.

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The New York Times

A Hot Coffee Culture in Salt Lake City

In a place known more for proximity to powdery ski slopes than perfect espresso pulls, it’s easy to assume Salt Lake City couldn’t breed advanced coffee geek culture.

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The Wall Street Journal

The Off Duty Fall 50 - WSJ.com

The Off Duty Fall 50 - WSJ.com

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The New York Times

Bottoms Up: Beer-Flavored Ice Cream

Two of summer’s signature indulgences are getting better acquainted....

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The New York Times

In Bend, Ore., Craft Brewing is Booming

By LUCY BURNINGHAM. Published: April 20, 2012. ON a frosty winter night in Bend, Ore., members of a local home brewers club swilled beers inside Boneyard ......

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The New York Times

Brewers Take Risks to Make Sour Beer - NYTimes.com

By LUCY BURNINGHAM. Published: June 1, 2010. Sign In to E-Mail · Print. Reprints. BREWERS of barrel-aged sour beer take risks and practice patience....

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The New York Times

For the Connoisseur, the Art of Aging Beers - NYTimes.com

By LUCY BURNINGHAM. Published: June 25, 2008. WHEN Matthew VandenBerghe brings home his favorite beers, he doesn't make room for them in the fridge ......

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The New York Times

Hops Ales Fresh Off the Farm - NYTimes.com

... of fresh hops. More Photos > · Sign In to E-Mail · Print; Reprints. By LUCY BURNINGHAM. Published: October 20, 2009. Salem, Ore. Skip to next paragraph  ......

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Bon Appétit Magazine

Why Brewers and Coffee Roasters in Portland, OR, Don't Want Fluoridated Water - Bon Appétit

The Northwest's hub of food and drink is poised to add fluoride to its water system. Who could be against that? Brewers and baristas, it turns out...

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Bon Appétit Magazine

Welcome to the World of Black Market Beer - Bon Appétit

To score some of the world's best craft brews, you have to go underground. Welcome to beer's thriving black market...

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Bon Appétit Magazine

The Champagnes of Beers—6 Brews for New Year's Eve - Bon Appétit

Turn tradition on its side by ringing in the New Year with pours of stellar beers that rival Champagne and other sparkling wines....

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Bon Appétit Magazine

How and Why to Age Beer - Bon Appétit

Clear some shelf space. Wine's not the only drink that gets better with time: Here are beers that improve with age...

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Bon Appétit Magazine

Halloween Candy and Beer: 5 Spookily Perfect Pairings - Bon Appétit

If you can’t keep your hands out of the candy bowl, go full tilt by pairing classic Halloween candies with the perfect craft beers....